It is a dark time in the Galaxy. Nearly 16 years have passed since the declaration of Palpatine’s Empire and the fall of the Jedi Order. Many who opposed the Emperor in the past decade have either been found dead, arrested, or simply disappeared as mutterings of resistance begin to seep into galactic society.

On the planet Sullust, these mutterings have become very real as many of the native Sullustans work to dismantle SoroSuub, the company that has taken rulership of their homeworld. With attacks on their assets reaching a head and the inability of their security forces to stem them, SoroSuub has made increasingly frantic pleas to the Empire for support.

With the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of Imperial reinforcements, a number of Sullustans have decided to leave the planet before tragedy can strike. Among them, Syub Bdu rushes to consolidate his business, gathering his family and employees to leave before the situation takes a turn for the worst.

Open Rebellion